Aver CAM550 4K Dual Lens Conferencing Camera


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4K Dual Lens PTZ Conferencing Camera

The CAM550 is equipped with an AI lens for automated PTZ functionality, which delivers a full view of meeting attendees and detects newcomers. The Smart Gallery feature puts up clear views of every participant on the remote side. Enable gesture control camera operation to enjoy a fluent, safe meeting experience. 4K dual-lens technology captures the room in its entirety, providing a premium conferencing experience for mid-to-large scale rooms.

4K Dual Lens Offers Wide-angle Clarity for Mid-to-Large Scale Rooms

Capture a complete view of the room with wide-angle clarity. The CAM550 equips two 4K lenses. The first is a PTZ camera with 12X optical zoom (24X total zoom) to clearly frame meeting participants. The second is an AI lens with 95°FOV to provide a panoramic view of the room.

PIP Preset Framing

Dynamic Framing Enhances Meeting Efficiency

The CAM550 quickly and precisely focuses on participants and newcomers. When newcomers walk in, the secondary AI lens springs to action to detect them, then the PTZ camera automatically re-frames. Through fully automatic operation, this dynamic framing optimizes meetings and protects the safety of participants.

Dynamic Framing

AI Gesture Recognition Delivers Contactless Control

Take advantage of intuitive gesture control to operate the camera. Built-in AI gesture recognition eliminates touchpoints. Camera controls have never been easier or safer.

Highlight Participants with Smart Gallery

Clearly capture attendees with Smart Gallery, which enables AI face and body detection technology to crop participant’s faces and make sure everyone is looking great. You can choose between headshot and half body mode to adapt to any situation without compromise.

*This function requires the PTZApp 2 to be running on the computer

Smart Gallery

Get rid of USB cable connections by using the AVer Virtual Stream function

Get rid of USB cable connections by using the AVer Virtual Stream function AVer Virtual Streaming technology makes the CAM550 available as a camera video source for virtual meetings via a single Ethernet connection. Also, a PoE+ port simplifies set up and reduces installation costs.

* PoE+ configuration is only supported by Windows OS.

Enable Third-Party Audio Tracking Integration with Preset Link

Preset Link is an all new function of the included PTZApp 2 that integrates AVer USB cameras with Shure® and Sennheiser® microphones. The camera automatically identifies speakers and adjusts its field of view instantly by voice tracking, according to your preset area settings. Upgrade your smart conference meeting experience with Preset Link.


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