Aver DL10 Auto Tracking Camera


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Distance Learning Tracking Camera

Equipped with high portability and a lightweight design, any educator can use the DL10 to directly connect to his/her laptop via USB port to start distance teaching anywhere. Featuring a Full HD 1080p resolution and a 2 megapixels camera, the DL10 delivers premium image quality. Through the DL10’s three AI auto tracking modes and intuitive gesture control, teachers can easily setup different modes to create perfect classes. Thanks to the built-in noise suppression microphones, the DL10 actively detects the teacher’s speech and eliminates intrusive background noises. After class, teachers can truly switch off with DL10 Sleep Mode functionality, where it automatically turns itself off when online class is dismissed

Light-Weight & Portable

The DL10 weighs only 760g, giving teachers freedom to take work anywhere – just place the DL10 directly on the desk or on the included tripod. USB plug-and-play functionality allows teachers to start distance teaching anytime, anywhere.

AI Auto Tracking

Equipped with industry leading AI auto-tracking algorithms, the DL10 can share the teacher’s every move with the students. The DL10’s AI does all the tracking work, without requiring any annoying add-on sensors or devices. Never worry about walking out of the frame or going out of focus again, remote students can see you on the screen wherever you go.

Balanced Zoom Ratio

With budget in mind for schools, the DL10 is the perfect solution: 3X optical zoom delivers clear details, and 6X total zoom ratio is perfect for online or hybrid teaching in any standard K-12 classroom or at home.


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