Puas M510W Conference phone / Microphone


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M510W is a professional-grade USB Omnidirectional Wireless microphone that
supports wireless 2.4G transmission, enabling easy and pleasant remote
communication anytime, anywhere. It is suitable for medium and large conference
rooms of 60~120 square meters; built-in 4 unidirectional microphones, sound
collection distance of up to 8 meters (radius); built-in high-loudness rubidium-boron
rare earth speaker, support 16-level adjustment, all keys and LED display adopt ring
Carving technology. Built-in battery, long standby and endurance work. Function:
●Suitable for rooms size of 40-100 square meters. Support on-site meetings with
less than 15 Participant
●Built-in 4 omnidirectional microphones with 360-degree sound pickup, and the
Voice Pickup distance is up to 8 meters. The collection distance can be up to 10
meters when the expansion microphone is selected. ● Support wireless 2.4G transmission, without any cable connection to Video
Conferencing terminal, PC and other communication equipment. ● Support USB connection for video conference system, Cloud video
Conferencing ,Network Conference platform
● Support LINE IN/OUT analog interface, connect external communication terminal
through 3.5mm audio cable
● Support to connect to mobile phone terminal via 3.5mm audio cable, support
mobile phone hands-free conference call
● Multi-party collaborative office function: The multi-party conference function
integrating USB network communication and analog interface communication can
extend video or network conference to mobile phone network. ● The speaker system uses a multi-core digital unit with a volume up to 120dB and
a 16-level speaker volume digital adjustment


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