M210W USB Omnidirectional Microphone


Design for SME Conferencing & Huddle Room
Suitable for meeting room size up to 15~20 square meters.

Maximum number of participants
Support for on-site meetings of up to 6-8 people.

Clear sound quality and wide coverage
Built-in 3 single-direction microphones to form a 360-degree pickup with collection distance of 3 meters.

Voice Loop & Extra sound speaker
Support USB and analog audio (LINE IN/OUT) communication, conferencing terminal, multimedia communication terminal.

Conferencing & UCC Communition
Support software video conferencing, UC unified communications.

Support Bluetooth & wireless transsmision function
This device can extend to support wireless transmission function, wireless connection with video conference can be realized through USB wireless adapter

Privacy Protection & Voice IP Application
Support mobile phone terminal connected via 3.5mm audio cable, support mobile phone hands-free conference call & Suppot Off-hook, hang up, microphone mute, volume addition and subtraction, speaker mute button

Volume intelligent control
Speaker volume reaches 85dB, 16-level speaker volume digital adjustment

Compact Exterior design
Exquisite and compact, it is equipped with a special carrying soft bag for easy carrying.

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The M210 was a USB omnidirectional microphone which can be used for personal and Huddle rooms. It can be connected to a PC for unimpeded full-duplex voice calls. It is adaptive to 16KHz full-duplex echo cancellation and automatically adapts to audio and video products and systems with different voice bandwidths & is clear & comfortable, and it can support video equipment, network voice, UCC and instant communication software to achieve convenient Internet collaborative work, improve meeting and work efficiency.The microphone collection distance is up to 2~3 meters, which is suitable for SME conference rooms and personal offices within 20 square meters.

Voice technical parameters

  • Deep cancellation
  • Dynamic noise suppression
  • Automatic gain control technology

Audio parameters

  • Microphone frequency response: 100Hz-22KHz
  • Speaker frequency response: 100Hz-22KHz
  • Speaker volume: up to 85dB
  • Built-in microphone pickup range: 3 meters(Radius), 360 degrees full rangeCover


  • 2*USB interface
  • 2*Headphones 3.5mm interface

Support system

  • Win 2000, XP, Vista, Win 10, Linux, Apple iOS, Android OS

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