Aver FONE540 Bluetooth / USB Conferencing Speakerphone


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Ideal in Meeting Rooms of All Shapes and Sizes

The FONE540 is a daisy-chainable USB speakerphone that enhances your audio conferencing experience in personal workspaces, huddle rooms, and medium-to-large conference rooms. Easy to plug in, install, and use, the FONE540 supplies business-class acoustics without creating extra work.

Expansion Speakerphones / Microphones Adapt to Various Spaces

Embedded with daisy-chain technology, the FONE540 can be expanded by adding up to two additional speakerphones to provide full coverage in all kinds of rooms. Both microphones and speakerphones can also be added to the system, making it a perfect choice in any space.

Option 1
Option 2
Speakphone Microphone

Advanced Noise Suppression Achieves Amazing Acoustics

Feeling irritated by background keyboard typing and air conditioning sounds during a conference call? The FONE540 silences the noise and guarantees unmatched audio clarity to free you from distractions.

Flawless Audio for Fluid Communication

Do people on the other side of your audio meeting still have trouble hearing every word you say? With the FONE540 you won’t have to repeat yourself anymore. Equipped with double-talk detection, the FONE540 makes every call feel like a face-to-face conversation.

with FONE540

A Third Party Can Join Anytime, From Anywhere

The FONE540 speakerphone facilitates easy three-way calling . A third party can participate simply by calling a phone connected to the FONE540 by a 3.5 mm line-in jack. It’s a simple yet effective way for three parties to enjoy a meeting with superior audio quality.

Smart Indicator Lights Clearly Display the Speaker Status

There’s no need to worry about whether everyone in the meeting knows if the FONE540 is on or off, muted or idle. Smart LED indicators enable people in every corner of the room determine the speakerphone’s status with to determine.

Hardware Specifications

  • 1Bluetooth button
  • 2Mute/Unmute
  • 3Phone input
  • 4Make/Answer call
  • 5Volume up
  • 6LED status indicator
  • 7Volume down
  • 8Hang up call

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