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Push Past the Limitation with Four-in-One Design
Kandao Meeting Pro is an AI-based 360° video conferencing device, which equipped with 360-degree lens, Omni-directional audio system, Hi-Fi Speaker, and built-in android system. Kandao Meeting Pro is designed to be four-in-one for being the most powerful one.
360˚ Camera

Omni-Directional Mics

Hi-Fi Speaker

Intelligent AI Algorithm

No Need for External Operation System
Kandao Meeting Pro can be used as an independent video conferencing terminal. External computer is no longer needed, conference can be easily started by connecting to a screen through HDMI.
One-Step Screen Mirroring from Multi-Type Devices
Get rid of mussy wired setting with built-in screen mirroring. Supporting Airplay and Miracast protocol means users can mirror screen from iOS devices, MacOS devices, Android devices and Windows-system devices.

Powerful as System, Convenient when Update
Having built-in android system with perfect user interface, the video conferencing software can be installed and updated directly on Kandao Meeting Pro.

Easily Plug and Use with Different Modes

Pro Mode
Pro mode is for getting rid of the computer. Just need to connect Kandao Meeting Pro to a HDMI displayer and a power supply.

USB Mode
Traditional mode is also supported. Kandao Meeting Pro can be connected to computer through USB.
360 ° Meeting without Blind Spot
Detailed image processing with 360 ° image capture, seamless optical flow stitching, noise reduction, wide dynamic range, exposure compensation, and automatic white balance.

Upgraded Omni-directional Audio System
8 microphones are improved to achieve finest audio quality, which can cover range to 5.5 meters radius. Collect sound with beamforming, echo cancellation, noise reduction, and howling suppression.
5.5 M
radius audio pickup
Unique Hi-Fi Speaker
Output louder, sound clearer, more focus, so that communicate better
Two-time-larger Coverage Area
Kandao Meeting

Kandao Meeting Pro

Meeting AI Intelligent Recognition 2.0
Apply sophisticated algorithm to achieve efficient and accurate localization and tracking. Optimize localization algorithm with 15-degree ultimate recognition for precisely focus, and smart tracking.

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