EzCast Beam V3


More than you can imagine

Now with portrait projection, 2D electrical keystone – and a new groove designed for mobile phone – EZCast Beam V3 delivers unparalleled projection experience. Simply plug in the EZCast Wi-Fi adapter and it’s ready to use with all popular OS devices and projects wirelessly. Plug and screen mirror with a charging cable, immersing you in high-quality projection.

2 best ways to watch

Besides the horizontal projection, the innovative portrait mode lets you well project upright images and mobile phone’s content with full screen.

Also a Bluetooth speaker

V3 can be used as a Bluetooth speaker, bringing you wonderful sound wherever you go. Experience better sound while watching a video with an upgraded 5-watt speaker.

View from any angles

With 2D electrical keystone, adjust the images from horizontal and vertical direction with remote, make every corner of image clearly.

Tailored for mobile

Groove for mobile. Enjoy the stable performance by using a charging cable to screen mirror your mobile.

Gone wireless to the fullest

No matter which OS device you use, amazing wireless projection experience with EZCast Wi-Fi adapter.

Fulfilling your entertainment needs

V3 is a versatile home projector equipped with HDMI and USB port, 3.5mm audio jack, micro SD card and WiFi adapter sockets, to meet diversified entertainment needs.


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