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Visualise UHD detail for easy learning

When it comes to teaching people, it’s often the detail that counts and more is always better. Being able to share your ideas and knowledge with a large audience can be difficult but a huge benefit.

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13MP Folding arm document camera with 4K video preview

The Optoma DC556 4K document camera creates an inspirational space where even the smallest of objects can be enlarged onto a huge screen for a more in-depth learning experience.

Teaching staff, presenters and students are now able to share even the smallest objects or detailed experiments with a larger audience using an Optoma visualiser. Suitable for classrooms, lecture theatres, boardrooms and auditoriums, it’s a great way to give students an interactive learning experience.


13MP High definition camera with 4K video preview
17x Optical zoom / 8x digital zoom to focus on the finer detail
2x HDMI (in/out), 2x VGA (in/out), 2x 3.5mm Audio (in/out), SD and USB for external storage
USB and RS232 control

Real-Time 4K

Convert your real-time content into 4k multimedia material with smooth video playback at 30 frames per second.

Turn physical into digital

Sharing real-time image capture or storing image & video content for later could not be easier. Optoma’s range of Visualisers seamlessly transport the physical into a digital environment whether it is a textbook or a 3D object. See detail not visible to the human eye & display to whole rooms or virtual audiences.

Capture it, save it

Textbooks, maps, detailed diagrams and 3D objects can be displayed to the whole room, picking up incredibly small details often not visible to the human eye. Optoma’s document cameras also allow presenters to annotate images captured by the visualiser and transform them into video clips through the recording feature.

Easy to use

Simply connect via one of the available connection ports to any PC, projector or interactive flat panel and you are good to go. Simple controls are available on the base of the camera so that any function is just a button click away.

Folding arm design

The folding arm design makes precise positioning incredibly straightforward with its ability to fold to compact size. It makes the visualiser far easier for teachers and lecturers to transport from room to room.

Amazing image quality

Display the smallest objects with more detail due to the latest lens and sensor technology. Powerful zoom capabilities further enhance this for incredible detail often not visible to the human eye.

Social distance friendly

During these challenging times with Covid 19, Optoma’s visualiser range emulates the intimacy of a hands on presentation, whilst maintaining social distancing. Combine with larger screens to share with audiences bigger than you would normally be able to demo to.

Onboard annotation tools

The supplied smart software allows the presenter to capture an image and annotate over it. In addition, combine with an interactive flat panel to enable live annotation for a really dynamic & engaging presentation.

Built-In microphone and speaker

The built-in microphone and speaker means Optoma’s visualiser range also double up as a premium webcam. Great for when audiences are a combination of local and remote.

Picture-in-Picture, capture & freeze

For ultimate control, you can freeze the on-screen image whilst passing around the original item, or compare items using the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) tool for comparing live and captured images simultaneously. You can also capture, rotate and flip images instantly.


Connect to virtually any PC or big screen device. In addition, HDMI & VGA inputs for passthrough enable real flexibility in how you use all of your devices together.

Rotating camera lens

The rotating camera lens feature allows users to simply rotate the lens to change the orientation or rotate the image using the supplied Smart DC software.

LED illumination

The eco-friendly LED lighting built into the head includes three brightness settings to produce additional lighting if required. It can be controlled via the remote control or the base of the unit.

Easy storage

The compact design means the Optoma visualiser range can be folded away for easy storage when not in use.

3.5mm Audio In/Out

Connect to virtually any audio device via 3.5mm Input/ Output for best sound quality.

Weight (Kgs): 2.3900
Frame Rate: 30
Built in Microphone: Yes
Image Capture: Yes
Digital Zoom: 8x
Number of Lights: 1
Resolution: 4K UHD 3840 x 2160
Optical Zoom: 17x
Type: Flexineck


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