HuddleRoom CC100


Suitable for huddle rooms of 10-20m², 2 to 5 people

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Huddle Room is a small and private meeting area. Much like a traditional conference room, huddle spaces are generally outfitted with audio and video conferencing equipment, a display system and a traditional or digital whiteboard.
Huddle spaces are most often used for informal, on-the-fly meetings with a small team of office-based and remote participants. Depending on the size and needs of the organization, an office may have several huddle spaces in addition to a larger, traditional conference room.
Our goal is to make collaboration & conferencing easy. When it comes to huddle space technology, PUAS can provide the software, hardware, support and end user training and adoption services needed to ensure a high-quality user experience while reducing strain on IT teams.
With a platform-agnostic approach to software and hardware PUAS can provide a all-in one solution that connects all devices and software.

105° Full HD Wide HOV,Enjoy Undistorted Face-to-face Meeting

PUS-CC100 built-in ultra-wide-angle 105° Fixed lens. Support Max Full HD 1080p@30fps. Enjoy undistorted face-to-face meeting.It’s essential device in Conferencing, Education, Telemedicine, PROAV solution projects.

High-quality, High-fidelity Audio Input

PUS-CC100 built-in microphone 360° omnidirectional pickup, with a pickup radius of 12 Foot. With full-duplex echo cancellation, dynamic noise suppression, automatic gain control and other voice processing technologies.

Support USB Function, Installs Simple Plug & Play

PUS-CC100 support USB function, connect computer and video conference system to realize full-duplex Communication. Can be compatible All Video Application & Conferencing Apk or Software.


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