JC Vision JC-VC-M380 Ceiling Microphone


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Omnidirectional, fully functional
360° pickup microphone star array, wide range frequency response, support dual-mode (digital, analog) output.

Perfect sound quality
The characteristics of the suspended ceiling optimize the audio collection and truly restore the sound.

Beautiful and efficient
Electronic equipment can be hidden and installed in the ceiling, away from the floor and desktop, the equipment deployment is simpler, more beautiful and more efficient.

Large pickup area
The pickup covers an area of 60 square meters, which is three times larger than similar unidirectional products.

Monomer Back-pole electret
Directivity 360°
Pickup distance 6 meters in radius
response 40Hz ~ 20KHz
Sensitivity -38dB ± 2dB (0dB = 1V / Pa at 1KHz)
Output impedance 500Ω ± 30% (at 1kHz)
Equivalent noise
level ≤ 13dBA (IEC 581-5)
Maximum sound
pressure level 132dB (THD ≤ 1.0% at 1kHz)
Maximum cascade number of single group
AEC support
AGC support
ANS support
Analog audio
Suitable for third-party products, no
compatibility issues
Digital audio output Digital audio interface can be
developed for certified partners

6-pin XLR head, used to connect
special pickup
System indicator
Steady red: the system is starting
Steady green: clock synchronization
Green flashing: normal operation
Upstream digital
RJ45: PoE power input, digital audio
transmission (connect to terminal)
Downstream digital
RJ45: PoE power output, digital
audio transmission (connect to the
next level of microphone)
Analog port
RJ45: Connect the front adapter box
PoE power input, analog audio
DIP switch
SW1: M: master processor mode, S:
slave processor mode
SW2: D: digital mode, A: analog
Power connector JEITA type (DC IN 12V)
reset button Have


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