Velodyne DB-12


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The Features

Quad voice coil provides high efficiency, fast rise times and pulse fidelity with double ferrite magnets
Enclosed cabinet made of solid MDF material prevents distortion and vibration
With adjustable level, crossover frequency and phase, the Deep Blue subwoofers can be flexibly adapted to the listening room and existing equipment
For connectivity, RCA input jacks are provided for the left and right channels, as well as a dedicated subwoofer input with loop-through capability

Driver 12″ forward firing
Amplifier Class AB 850 watts dynamic
350 watts RMS power
Frequency Response: Overall
Frequency Response: (± 3 dB) 15 – 250 Hz
26 – 140 Hz
Low Pass Crossover 50 Hz to 180 Hz (12 dB/Octave)


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