MTC Wireless Presentation Unit MTC-4500


Wireless presentation tool for collaboration and file sharing
Offers annotation and whiteboard tools to enhance collaboration
Mirror up to 4 devices

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MTC-4500, a powerful wireless presentation tool, is therefore developed to revolutionize presentation to the next level of efficiency and productivity.

It allows up to 16 users to connect their PCs, tablets or smartphones to MTC-4500 base unit simultaneously, while 4 users can mirror his/her screen as the main screen.

 Laptop can be mirror-viewed by dongle-less software or optional dongles. It supports video output of up to 4K@60Hz. It offers annotation and whiteboard tools to enhance collaboration.

 With MTC-4500, you can work seamlessly and cable free in your environment.

What is the difference between “Chrome Cast” and MTC 4500?

Devices in the form of “Chrome Cast” and “EZ Cast” is primarily aimed for the residential market.

These devices don’t offer features like multiple participant screening, whiteboarding or security features like dual network integration or in-room access codes which prevents unauthorized sharing.

What is the benefit of having dual network ports?

The dual network ports allows you to connect to the guest and the corporate network simultaneously, allowing for seamless presentation by guest and employee.

Can the MTC-4500 be used without internet?

Absolutely. There is no requirement for internet to get started with the MTC-4500, in fact, after unpacking and powering the unit up, the unit is ready to be used.

This is achieved through it’s onboard hotspot. Should you require to use internet on your laptop, while using the MTC-4500, a LAN cable will need to be used.

How to connect if you don’t have the dongle or USB App drive?

No need to worry, it is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Locate the MTC-4500’s IP address in the top right corner on the screen and enter this in your browser’s top URL bar.
2. The page will load, click on the download button, and double click on the application once downloaded.
3. The software will launch in the bottom righthand corner of your desktop, and click on “Share my Screen” button

We do suggest the use of the dongle, as this enhances the experience to plug & play.



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