Sunfire SDS12


The most powerful of the family, the SDS-12 delivers all the dynamics found in your most demanding material. At home in larger rooms, the SDS-12 delivers 600W of peak power from Sunfire’s Class-D digital amplification, while sipping merely a half a watt in standby.

Sunfire’s exclusive FFDTM technology is standard, delivering the spectral balance required to reproduce the finest musical detail found in your favorite BluRay and DVDs, as well as high fidelity music sources. Whether it’s chest-pounding special effects or delicate musical notes, the DS12 delivers a true experience where others fall flat.

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Contemporary Design, Timeless Refinement, Sonic Performance
The Sunfire Dynamic Series embodies contemporary design, timeless refinement and sonic performance that are singularly Sunfire. The three subwoofers in the DS line feature dual drive technology that’s forceful, rugged and elegant. Our subs have been designed and built by the same engineers responsible for creating the high performance HRS Series. Best yet, each meets the requirements of today’s room configurations and budgets. Delivering Sunfire’s acclaimed blend of powerful bass with high resolution and high output, the DS Series boasts peak power of 600 watts from a dependable, cool-running Class D digital amp that’s wrapped in a small cabinet. They incorporate Sunfire’s proprietary Frequency Filtration Design? (FFD) technology, which enables the listener to indulge their senses in low distortion, high-output performance from movies, music and games ? with detailed, high fidelity playback for any source device.
High output, high fidelity and best value ? these are the core attributes that make the Sunfire Dynamic Series subwoofers truly stand out.

Reproduce the Finest Music & Movie Details.
Performance gains an exuberant edge with the top of the line SDS12. Sophisticated and poised, the SDS12 is designed for larger spaces, producing a massive 600 watts of peak power from our own Class D digital amplifier. The sub features our Sunfire Dual-Drive system: a front-firing, 12″ custom-built Sunfire active driver acoustically matched to a 12″ down-firing passive radiator. The FFD technology delivers the spectral balance required to reproduce the finest musical detail found in your favorite music and movie sources. From chest-pounding special effects to incredibly tight musical passages, the SDS12 is one more reason the critics and consumers prefer Sunfire.

Woofer: 12″
Configuration: Front firing active woofer, down firing passive radiator

Power Output: 300W RMS / 600W Peak
Soft Clipping Circuitry

Auto Turn-On
Level Control
Crossover Adjustment: 30-150Hz inf. var.
Crossover Bypass
Phase Adjustment: 0-180 degree inf. var.

Gold Plated Connections
RCA Inputs/Outputs
Detachable Power Cord

Finish: Black Ash
Grille: Black


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