M&K S300 THX Ultra 2 LCR (each)


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Miller & Kreisel® S300 Speaker

Destined to become the reference home entertainment speaker system, the S300 offers transparency and neutrality that surpasses far larger, more costly systems. More compact than any speaker capable of rendering such clarity and pinpoint detail, the ultra-smooth S300 ensures unsurpassed, effortless realism even in very large rooms.

While a dedicated left/right mirror-image pair provides optimal imaging for two- channel sources, the use of an identical third speaker for center channel duties guarantees a seamless, consistent sound field in all dimensions.

The S300 is the ultimate demonstration of our dedication to innovation and quality.

A Match Made in Audio Heaven

From the very beginning, M&K Sound has been the only speaker company to produce satellite and subwoofer systems exclusively, the optimum configuration for film and music with deep bass isolated in its own enclosure so that it cannot interfere with the upper frequency range.

Combined with M&K Sound X Series subwoofers, the S300 Series possesses the transparency, speed and resolution that let the most critical audio professionals hear exactly what’s going on in the mix and allow them to listen for hours on end with no hint of fatigue. M&K Sound’s seamless, integrated feel from top to bottom immerses you in sound with exceptional handling of dynamic changes in pace and volume.

Your final choice of X Series subwoofer model will naturally depend on many factors including design, room size, preferred listening levels, musical and cinematic tastes and, of course, exactly how dedicated you are to the quest for ultimate audio realism.

S300 Monitor

The iconic front baffle layout of the famed S150 monitor with its triple-tweeter array alongside dual woofers is also an integral aspect of the design and performance of the S300.

The S300 Series introduces specially designed separate tweeter and woofer mounting brackets for exceptional mechanical isolation from the cabinet and a tight connection between the die-cast, custom made brackets and the front baffle.

All drivers are rear mounted to the brackets and the brackets are rear-mounted to the baffle for an elegant front with no unsightly screws and no reflective edges near the drivers. This effectively eliminates a major source of colorations in more conventional, less conscientiously designed loudspeakers.


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