Marantz MM-8077


7-Channel Power Amplifier
Up to 150W Per Channel at 8 Ohms
Current Feedback Discrete Power Amp
Balanced and Unbalanced Inputs
Large Power Transformer

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Enjoy powerful multi-channel sound with the MM8077 7-Channel Power Amplifier from Marantz. This amplifier features a discrete amplification design for robust sonic delivery. Each channel in the amplifier delivers up to 150W of power at 8 ohms and 180W at 6 ohms. It’s even equipped with balanced and unbalanced input options, allowing you to connect a wide variety of pre-amplifiers and processors. Furthermore, this amplifier is capable of efficiently driving stereo, 5-channel, and 7-channel home entertainment systems, as well as being a component in larger 11-channel systems.

Current Feedback Discrete Power Amplifier
This model is equipped with a current feedback amplifier section that uses the same push-pull circuit found in Marantz’s SM-11S1 Hi-Fi power amplifier. This amp is designed to provide increased operating stability, high-speed, and wide ranging high-density playback. The current/voltage conversion amplification section in the latter part of the power amp is equipped with a Wilson current mirror circuit that amplifies to the high sound range with low distortion.

Large Toroidal Power Transformer
The high power, high current power supply features a massive toroidal power transformer that can handle substantial short term power peaks. The high capacity power supply capacitors, 100,000? total, contribute to the amplifier’s ability to deliver short term bursts of power when needed, which is helpful when driving difficult-to-drive lower impedance speakers.

High-Quality Design
This amplifier is equipped with a chimney-shaped heat sink to efficiently process the heat emitted from each channel along with quiet cooling fans. A high-sensitivity temperature sensor IC is used to control the cooling fans, adjusting the rotation speed to match the amount of heat generated by the amp.

Balanced and Unbalanced Inputs
For installation flexibility and maximum compatibility, each channel on this amplifier is equipped with balanced and unbalanced inputs.

Custom Installation-Ready
This amplifier has an IR flash input that supports custom installations and DC trigger input and output terminals.

Remote Power Control
When the Marantz AV8801 or AV7701 pre-amplifier is connected to the MM8077, the remote power control feature links the power on/off function of the pre-amplifier to the MM8077.

Low-Power Standby Mode
For environmental and energy-saving considerations, power consumption during standby mode has been reduced to less than 0.4 W

Auto-Standby Mode
The MM8077 automatically switches to standby mode when there has been no signal for 30 minutes. This prevents power from being wasted whenever you forget to turn the power off.

Additional Features
Porthole display with blue illumination accent
Gold plated, high grade loudspeaker terminals
Low impedance continuous drive capability
Marantz reference-grade power supply filter capacitors and high current discrete power transistors
Copper-plated chassis

Channels: 7
Power Output
8 ohms Rated: 150 W per channel (20 Hz to 20 kHz, THD = 0.08%, 2-channels driven)
6 ohms Rated: 180 W per channel (20 Hz to 20 kHz, THD = 0.08%, 2-channels driven)
6 ohms Maximum: 210 W per channel (1 kHz, THD = 10%, 2-channels driven)
Output Connectors:
6 to 8 ohms
Frequency Response:
8 Hz to 100 kHz (1 W, 8 ohms) (? 3 dB)
Damping Factor: 100
Input Sensitivity/Impedance:
1.2 V / 22 k ohms (unbalanced)
2.4 V / 30 k ohms (balanced)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 105 dB (IHF-A)
Voltage Amplification Level: 29 dB
Input & Output:
7 x Balanced inputs
7 x Unbalanced inputs
7 x Speaker channels
1 x IR flasher input
1 x DC control input
1 x DC control output
1 x Remote control input
1 x Remote control output
Switch Balanced and unbalanced
Supply Voltage: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
Power Consumption Operational: 800 W
Standby: 0.4 W
Dimensions (WxHxD) 17.3 x 7.3 x 15.1″ / 440.0 x 185.0 x 383.5 mm
Weight 39.7 lb / 18.0 kg
Package Weight 45.5 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 21.5 x 19.5 x 11.5″


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